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I believe it is finally time to put some order in here...

I am sorry for making you wait and it hurts to enter the administration and see that I have 123433124 moderators (just joking, i just had 2 co-founders and 10 moderators :) ) and see the trmendous amount of art that was being lost.

I have uni and my internet is also limited and doesnt work really well but when it decides to be a good boy, I enter deviantart to accept artworks.

The fact is, I had tons of moderators to help me with this group but none of them did anything at all. For this reason I moved them all to members.

I am searching for GOOD moderators who would really love to help me in administrating this group, proposing activities and different events and help the group become eer bigger and better!

Please if you feel capable, leave a message here and I'll give you a try :)

Thank you
Hello dear Fantasy-lovers!

There is a new contest that you should check!
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This journal is about that so famous Light Creatures folder.

Why do I say that it is so famous? Because everybody submits there! Demons, insects, monsters, humans, technology! Everything is being submited there!

So... do you think it is the right place when we have so many categories in this group? What do you think LIGHT creatures mean? LIGHT!! which asociates with angels, unicorns, pegasus,... anythink Holly! And this is clearly stated at the groups frontpage when I took my time to describe every single folder.

Please, you all are amazing artists, which means that you MUST be adults and experienced people already. Is it that hard to place your artwork to right folder?

I am sorry but from this moment if any wrong artwork is placed in Light Creatures folder, I am declining it without asking you to submit to right folder.

Sorry guys, but after 2 years of redirecting artworks of this category this is getting annoying for me.
Hello dear Fantasy Watchers!
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Hello, Fantasy lovers!

I created this journal in order to unite more our small comunity. This way wi will have a better interation between Admins and Members.

Please feel free to:
:bulletgreen: Ask Questions
:bulletgreen: Suggest Improuvement
:bulletgreen: Suggest Contest Ideas
:bulletgreen: Make a Good Critique about this group
:bulletgreen: Whatever you think is important to make this group more interesting

ATENTION! Self Advertising is NOT allowed

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